Self Inking 4910 Printy 26 x 9mm

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The original Trodat Printy is a modern and compact self-inking stamp with a maximum print size of 26 x 9 mm.

Printy 4910 prints up to 2 lines of individual text or is suitable for important messages on just one line, possibly in capital letters and bold letters.

The transparent panoramic window ensures a perfect, crystal-clear view when positioning the impression and maximum precision when aligning. Replacing the built-in cushion is easy and clean thanks to the two grip zones.

Compatible replacement pads 6/4910 are available in black, blue, red, green and purple.

What is the difference between the complete, printy only and stereo only for your rubber stamps?
Printy/Machine Only: Consists of the Self Inker that comes with the Inkpad without the rubber (also known as stereo)
Stereo/Rubber Only: The Rubber Replacement Part (This item is for people with a Printy but want a new design on their stamp)
Complete: Comes with the Printy and the Stereo (the complete rubber stamp)