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Spotify Plaques

Posted by Lorgina Doctora on
Spotify Plaques

Spotify is the worlds largest streaming platform. With over 40 million whopping songs available the catalogue is endless. Especially with small town and emerging musicians easily able to upload their own music on this platform by simply creating an account. It's accessible to everyone and anyone.

In New Zealand there were approximately 40000 Spotify App downloads in June.
This works hand in hand with Spark's pay-monthly mobile plans. Any one who is on a pay-monthly mobile plan with Spark gets a free Spotify subscription ($14.99p/m). Since Spark is New Zealand's primary mobile service provider its no surprise Spotify continues to grow in popularity.

Culture in New Zealand has definitely changed. Our online presence is growing and this gives local artists the confidence to share their music online. The Spotify Plaque is a necessity for all artist small or big!

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