Self Inking 5205 Professional 68mm x 24mm

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The extra wide professional text stamp is perfect for special requirements in the office!

With a text plate of maximum 68 x 24 mm, the 5205 offers space for your extra wide individual text. Add another logo next to it.

The professional stands for reliability and professionalism. The robust steel core guarantees a long service life and can withstand heavy use. The ergonomically shaped handle provides optimal ease of use for soft, round stamp movements.

What is the difference between the complete, printy only and stereo only for your rubber stamps?
Printy/Machine Only: Consists of the Self Inker that comes with the Inkpad without the rubber (also known as stereo)
Stereo/Rubber Only: The Rubber Replacement Part (This item is for people with a Printy but want a new design on their stamp)
Complete: Comes with the Printy and the Stereo (the complete rubber stamp)